Women’s Sexuality

One of the favorite subjects I taught recently at the University of Michigan was how to assess and treat women’s sexual health concerns.  This includes pain, pleasure, fertility and relationship issues.

The most common presenting problems I see in my office are related to pelvic, vaginal or vulvar pain. While the second most common issues are related to libido, pleasure or difficulty achieving orgasm. Whatever you are struggling with, I can work with you on the psychotherapy and relational aspects, while simultaneously helping you identify and gain access to the leading medical professionals in the state that specialize in women’s sexual health.

I am proud to be a founding member of the Denver Sexual Medicine Alliance (DSMA).  The Denver Sexual Medicine Alliance (DMSA) is an organization consisting of medical and mental health professionals who are committed to providing and improving care for patients with sexual health concerns and/or dysfunction.  The DSMA is a brain trust that shares resources, knowledge, and experience in order to advance the quality, collaboration and effectiveness of sexual medicine services in Colorado.


While some women just don’t feel like having sex at all or very often, others enjoy sex once they start but struggle with getting started. Unfortunately, either scenario can lead to feelings of inadequacy and place stress on a relationship. The first step in the process is for me to learn enough about you so that I can understand your situation. It can be physiological, psychological, relational, or some combination thereof.  Then we can figure out what treatment approach will work best for you. If I feel that you need a medical diagnosis and you don’t have a suitable physician, I work with some of the best women’s sexual health physicians in the state and will provide you with referrals to medical doctors who are not only excellent at what they do, but come equipped with excellent bedside manner.


Contrary to urban legend and gender mythology, in nearly half the heterosexual couples I work with, it is the woman who wants more sex than the man. No matter who has a stronger sex drive, my goal is to help couples close the gap. Even if they’re on opposite ends of the desire spectrum and frustration has built up over time, there’s always an opportunity for couples to collaborate on a solution.


I work with some of the leading medical professionals in the field of women’s sexual health, locally and nationally. Common concerns include Dyspareunia, Vulvodynia, Vulvar Vestibulitis, and Vaginismus. No matter how severe your situation is or how long you have been suffering, there is hope.


Some women have never reached orgasm. Others achieve orgasm, but only with great difficulty or a sensation that seems minimal. I can’t say I have cracked the code for all the women I have worked with however I can certainly say, that I have helped most of my female clients increase their overall sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm when that was their goal.


I find that my female clients are very comfortable working with me, however that said, I want you to have the best care for you, whatever you deem that to be.  If you would prefer to see a female counselor, just let me know and I will be happy to refer you to a fabulous female colleague.  Nobody knows what you need, like you do.