Want to Become a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist?

As you may know, I teach / supervise / graduated from / at Denver Family Institute’s Marriage and Family Therapy program.  Today, I serve as the Board Chair.  DFI is a non-profit, low-fee community counseling clinic and post-graduate couples and family training program that helps mental health clinicians deepen their therapeutic skills through hands-on experiential training.  It is truly a unique community!
I wanted to share that DFI is currently accepting student applications for their MFT program for the Fall 2020 cohort. The deadline to apply is May 15th and DFI will be hosting a Virtual Open House on Friday April 24th from 1-2pm for those interested in learning more about this professional opportunity.
Please spread the word about DFI to anyone you can think of who is considering a career transition or is already in the field but looking to deepen their clinical skills. From my experience, the supervision and coursework at DFI is second to none and perfect for anyone who wants to start seeing clients right away.  Or, if that person is you, let’s meet up virtually and chat about DFI!
Attached is some more information that you can pass along to anyone who you think might be interested. The application and program information can be accessed here: https://denverfamilyinstitute.org/mft-training-program/admissions/.   I would also be more than happy to talk to anyone about my experience at DFI.