Overcoming Sexual Shame…

Guilt is feeling bad for what we did, i.e., “I had unprotected sex.”  Shame is feeling bad for who we are, i.e., “I’m a slut.”  Shame is that inner voice that says, “I’m not good enough.”  For many people shame becomes the core belief of who we are and eats away at the deepest part of our soul.  The roots of shame are often found in childhood events, a rigid religious upbringing, or traumatic events like rape.  For people who have been abused or traumatized there are often feelings of self blame, i.e., “It’s my fault.  I’m no good or I wouldn’t have been treated so badly.”  There is no cookie cutter formula for treating shame but overcoming it is possible and life changing.  If you feel bad about who you are, today might be a good day to start the healing process.  There is always hope, potential and possibility.  Sometimes we just need a little help to see the bright light shining at the end of the tunnel. www.doctorcannon.com

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Sexual Shame…”

  1. Dr Neil ,
    My best greeting to you .
    Your smile unites the stray human beings from the mercy of God . Your smile creates something outstanding beyond description . It ties and bring back the unity of the seperated couples for small reasons . You are great .
    I admire you very much and I wish you good health and happiness throughout your life .
    Your optimisic outlook is relieving the broken hearted and make them think again , that love is the only thing we should keep and we should not forget . It should be part of our daily life , wherever we go .
    Good Luck for your good efforts and keep up .
    Many thanks .

  2. Dear and lovely Dr. Neil ,
    I admire you too much, I tell you plainly Dr. Neil that sexual shame should be eradicated from our life . Many thanks , You are great!


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