World AIDS Day…

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Today is World AIDS Day.  If you are my age (51), you enjoyed your high school and college experience never needing to worry about dying from having sex!  Then in 1984 our world changed when the first case of AIDS was explained in the New York Times.  Today, two and half decades later, the advances in medicine have made it is easy to forget that AIDS remains incurable. The good news is however that AIDS is preventable.  Whether you are straight or gay, male or female,  16 or 60; one of the best ways that we can honor those who have suffered before us is to use this day as a reminder to practice safer sex while also providing comprehensive sexuality education to our young people.  You can locate the AIDS Memorial Quilt World AIDS Day display in your community by visiting and click on the map for a display in your community.  The web site gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the AIDS Memorial Quilt.  What a great way to remember that we are all sexual beings and we are all human! Thank you, Dr. Thomas Gertz for all that you have done to help in this worldwide cause.

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