Naked kids & cell phones…

On January 10, 2009, in Uncategorized, by drneilcannon1

 I’m about as open and affirming to all forms of sexual expression as one can possibly be.  When it comes to sex, Archie Bunker would have called me a “left wing commie pinko fag.”  I would never be so arrogant to say that I’ve heard it all, but I’ve heard a lot!  Fetishes, check.  Cross dressing, check.  Sadomasochism, check.  Gerbils, check.  And as much as any person on this planet, I believe it’s all good if it’s between consenting adults.  But that’s the root of this rant.  Approximately 20% of teens have sent nude or semi-nude photos of themselves to friends via cell phones and online postings. But teens can be 18 or 19, right?  No problem except for one little detail.  In those numbers, 11% of teen girls between 13 and 16 have done this.  My kids are in their 20’s but I’m telling you that if my 13 year old son or daughter would have distributed naked pictures of themselves, I’d be on death row now and they would still be taking out the trash, one snotty tissue at a time.  But that’s not all.  To add insult to injury, sex offense charges are being filed against some of the kids, which may have me even more wound up than the original issue.  As a society we over-legislate and under-parent.  The government needs to stand down and moms and dads need to step it up! Okay, I feel better now but I need to leave so I can go confiscate my 28 year old daughter’s cell phone.      

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