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I’m in Canada speaking tonight. Many people ask what it means when I say that my life mission is to help make the world a more sex positive place and here’s but one example. Cross culturally the differences between Canada and my beloved America are vast. The former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau said, “The government doesn’t belong in our bedrooms.” In contrast, the US the government seems to think that our bedroom is their bedroom, e.g., it remains illegal to sell sex toys in certain US states.  Sad but true! On the other hand In Canada sex toys are legal and, comprehensive sexuality education is the norm. Did you know that in the US, states only receive federal funding for abstinence only education? Kids don’t have less sex in the US, they just have more un-safe sex. That’s why the US has the highest rate of un-wanted teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in the western world. I say let’s learn from our northern neighbors and start catching up with the rest of the western world. Hale Canada! www.doctorcannon.ceom

A spanking good time…

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I had a client last week who loves to be spanked as foreplay.  Her husband is reluctant.  He wants to know why she wants to be spanked and is it normal.  The first thing we need to do is forget about why.  We don’t know why and it’s not important.  What is important is what you do with the desire for alternative forms of sexual expression and how you integrate them into your life and your relationship.  10% to 14% of Americans participate in BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism).  BDSM is not to be confused with violence and rage.  BDSM is a form of sexual role play between consenting adults.  If it feels good to both of you then I say go for it, Ricky.  www.doctorcannon.com

Overcoming Sexual Shame…

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Guilt is feeling bad for what we did, i.e., “I had unprotected sex.”  Shame is feeling bad for who we are, i.e., “I’m a slut.”  Shame is that inner voice that says, “I’m not good enough.”  For many people shame becomes the core belief of who we are and eats away at the deepest part of our soul.  The roots of shame are often found in childhood events, a rigid religious upbringing, or traumatic events like rape.  For people who have been abused or traumatized there are often feelings of self blame, i.e., “It’s my fault.  I’m no good or I wouldn’t have been treated so badly.”  There is no cookie cutter formula for treating shame but overcoming it is possible and life changing.  If you feel bad about who you are, today might be a good day to start the healing process.  There is always hope, potential and possibility.  Sometimes we just need a little help to see the bright light shining at the end of the tunnel. www.doctorcannon.com

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Hanky Panky for Mommy & Daddy…

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Sexual desire is the number one concern people bring to my sex therapy practice.  One partner wants more and one partner wants less.  This is particularly true with new parents.  Mom’s hormones are running rampant after the birth of a child, the baby is screaming bloody murder, the new dad doesn’t know what to do, etc., etc.  I am pleased to say that there is a “must read” book just published on the subject written by my colleague and friend, Dr. Ian Kerner, author of “She Comes First.” Ian’s new book is called, “Love in the Time of Colic: The New Parents’ Guide to Getting it On Again”.  When the going gets tough, sex is the glue that holds relationships together.  Ian’s book may be the best relationship insurance policy that parents can buy! www.doctorcannon.com

Fetishes are all good in Sweden…

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 Mental health professionals across the globe have a little known “secret code book” used to diagnose mental illness, i.e., depression, anxiety, etc.  In the US it is called the DSM while in Europe it is called the ICD.  Psychiatrists generally get paid by insurance companies and use the codes in this 6 pound, 800 page guerilla of a book to get reimbursed.  In other words unless you are diagnosed with a mental illness, the docs don’t get paid, hence there is a diagnosis for everything you can imagine and many you can’t.  Attitudes change over time and it used to be that the DSM classified homosexuality as a mental illness until 1973 when the DSM got changed and miraculously millions of homosexuals were “cured.”  Today, people involved in sexual behaviors that don’t conform to the norms of society can also be labeled as mentally ill, i.e., consenting adults who participate in sadomasochism, fetishism, etc.  This is a big deal because important matters like child custody cases can be effected if one of the parents has been diagnosed with a mental illness.  This month in Sweden however they took a giant step towards allowing consenting adults to make adult choices by eliminating six alternative forms of sexual expression from Sweden’s version of the ICD (i.e., sadomasochism, fetishism, and multiple disorders of sexual preferences).  Sexuality educators throughout the world are applauding Sweden for their global leadership towards creating a more sex positive planet.  Do we really want the government to decide which of our sexual behaviors are okay and which ones are an illness?  Not so much!  Cheers to the Swede’s.   www.doctorcannon.com     

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New sexual attitudes in America…

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In light of the focus on politics this week this is just too cute to pass up. www.doctorcannon.com


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The inauguration of a sex positive society…

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As Barack Obama takes office today this is a historic event for America.  As we change administrations, wouldn’t it be nice if today also represented the first day of a sexual renaissance?   When I tell people that my mission is to help make the world a more sex positive place they often ask what that means.  Sexual anthropologists have been saying for years that all societies attempt to control the sexual behavior of their people. In America, we are doing just that on many levels.  Personally, I was turned down to rent office space when the landlord learned I am a sex therapist.  Also recently, my general liability insurance was canceled for the same reason.  (Not my malpractice insurance mind you, but my “slip and fall” insurance as if people who seek sex therapy are clumsier than others!).  On a more macro note, we spend $1.5 billion dollars per year on abstinence only until marriage education.  The average age of first marriage today is 27.  How many of us waited until we were 27 to have sex for the first time.  I ache at the very thought!  Seriously, check out this clown “educating” our kids utilizing our federal tax dollars.  http://www.amplifyyourvoice.org/u/AFY_Joe/2009/1/15/Federal-tax-dollars-are-going-to-clowns-iliterallyi-CLOWNS. Despite Bozo’s head in the sand message, sexuality educators around the globe know that abstinence only education doesn’t work.  Furthermore, a large percentage of kids quizzed in longitudinal studies 5 years after making virginity pledges don’t even recall taking the oath. Kids who are not exposed to comprehensive sexuality education in the schools use less protection and are simply at greater risk than those who have been informed with facts.  Let’s hope that today represents change toward a more sex positive society.  www.doctorcannon.com   

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One secret to never tell your spouse…

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Let’s just suppose there are one or more features on your body that you are not happy with.  Imagine that!  Well, it’s perfectly natural and okay to have those thoughts, but it is a big mistake to share those thoughts with your partner because ultimately you will convince him or her not to like that part of your body as well.  In other words if you keep telling your partner you hate the way your ears look, in time he too will come to think you are a direct descendent of Dumbo.  A recent study found that 71% of men are happy with their partner’s breasts so let’s leave well enough alone.  My advice; save negative feelings about your body for your best friend or your therapist, but keep this a secret from your partner.  For all you know, it was those big floppy ears that attracted him to you in the first place.  www.doctorcannon.com

My 52nd Birthday…

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As I turned 52 tonight I couldn’t help but think about what I really wanted for my birthday and it hit me — Unconditional love and friendship.  As I had dinner at a lovely restaurant with two friends, Dave and Pam, I realized that my birthday wish had come true. These are not just friends, but life-long friends, dear friends.  We have survived Dave’s cancer and a multitude of other difficult issues together.  We have traveled the country together, loved together and cried together.  Dave’s sister recently married her wife in San Francisco.  One of Pam’s two wonderful sons is gay.  Our server tonight just so happened to be a wonderfully sweet lesbian woman who overheard our conversation and thankfully joined in.  And me, I’m passionate about making the world a more sex positive place and creating equality for sexual minorities.  It was a love fest!  What more could a sex therapist want?  We had one of those rare and deep conversations that goes beyond small talk. It was about being real.  I wouldn’t trade tonight for a winning lotto ticket.  All I can say is thank you my friends and happy birthday to capricorns everywhere.  www.doctorcannon.com

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Delayed ejaculation — no need to wait any longer…

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It is 12:51AM and the fire alarm in my Denver high-rise is screaming; “fool, jump before you die a miserable death.”  My little black cat, the real Dr. Kinsey has left the warmth of our cashmere comforter and is hiding under the bed.  Three big rig fire trucks are here to save us with sirens howling.  Me, I am doing what every other red blooded American man would be doing in this situation, blogging about delayed ejaculation (formerly known as retarded ejaculation).  Thanks to the pharmacutical companies most everyone knows about erectile dysfunction and “premature ejaculation,” now known as early ejaculation.  Fewer people know about delayed ejaculation (DE) because there are no little pills to fix it.  And the problem is that DE is every bit as emotionally painful as the more common sexual concerns previously mentioned.  I can’t tell you how many men have told me they feel broken because the can’t ejaculate and say, “Doc, I’m so screwed up, I can’t even cum.”  As for their partner, they usually feel inadequate saying, “I’m not good enough for him to even cum inside me.”  The truth is that many men of all ages suffer from DE.  DE can be physiological, but more frequently it is psychological. In any event it is generally treatable.  Everything has a bright side, and my hope from this midnight fire drill is that men who suffer from DE will know they are not alone.  Like the fire department, help is on the way.  www.doctorcannon.com