The inauguration of a sex positive society…

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As Barack Obama takes office today this is a historic event for America.  As we change administrations, wouldn’t it be nice if today also represented the first day of a sexual renaissance?   When I tell people that my mission is to help make the world a more sex positive place they often ask what that means.  Sexual anthropologists have been saying for years that all societies attempt to control the sexual behavior of their people. In America, we are doing just that on many levels.  Personally, I was turned down to rent office space when the landlord learned I am a sex therapist.  Also recently, my general liability insurance was canceled for the same reason.  (Not my malpractice insurance mind you, but my “slip and fall” insurance as if people who seek sex therapy are clumsier than others!).  On a more macro note, we spend $1.5 billion dollars per year on abstinence only until marriage education.  The average age of first marriage today is 27.  How many of us waited until we were 27 to have sex for the first time.  I ache at the very thought!  Seriously, check out this clown “educating” our kids utilizing our federal tax dollars. Despite Bozo’s head in the sand message, sexuality educators around the globe know that abstinence only education doesn’t work.  Furthermore, a large percentage of kids quizzed in longitudinal studies 5 years after making virginity pledges don’t even recall taking the oath. Kids who are not exposed to comprehensive sexuality education in the schools use less protection and are simply at greater risk than those who have been informed with facts.  Let’s hope that today represents change toward a more sex positive society.   

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One secret to never tell your spouse…

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Let’s just suppose there are one or more features on your body that you are not happy with.  Imagine that!  Well, it’s perfectly natural and okay to have those thoughts, but it is a big mistake to share those thoughts with your partner because ultimately you will convince him or her not to like that part of your body as well.  In other words if you keep telling your partner you hate the way your ears look, in time he too will come to think you are a direct descendent of Dumbo.  A recent study found that 71% of men are happy with their partner’s breasts so let’s leave well enough alone.  My advice; save negative feelings about your body for your best friend or your therapist, but keep this a secret from your partner.  For all you know, it was those big floppy ears that attracted him to you in the first place.

The sexual power of green M&M’s…

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Are green M&M’s an aphrodisiac? Fact, fiction or mythology — that is the question. As a sex therapist I can tell you it is a fact that green M&M’s can enhance your sex life.  Why? I hate to leave you on the “verge” but green is sexy.  Stay tuned for my next post if you want the answer. google-green-mms