Not so sexy…

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This has nothing to do with sex or relationships however it might impact your life.  I had the craziest experience this morning.  My parents are in their 80’s and my son is in his late 20’s.  Grandpa received a phone call this morning saying that my son had traveled to New York for a wedding and was in an auto accident.  The caller who was claiming to be my son said he needed thousands of dollars wired to Western Union right away.  Fortunately my son is okay and wasn’t in an accident.  The entire thing was a scam targeting the elderly.  (BTW: My mother is going to hate me for calling her elderly!).  Anyhow, this is the stuff we hear about on TV but think it will never happen to us.  As the sergeant used to say on Hill Street Blues as he was sending his squad off to protect and serve, “Let’s be careful out there.”

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