10 Tips to Guarantee a Sexy Holiday Season…

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If I had a condom for each time somebody told me their sexual activity is down during the holidays, we could reduce unwanted teen pregnancies by 50%.  If you want be among the group who has a December filled with romance, it starts with intention.

For 10 sure fire tips on how to get the sex you want this holiday season go to an article I wrote at http://www.accessrx.com/blog/sexuality-dr-neil-cannon/top-10-holiday-tips-for-sex/.   Enjoy!

3 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life This Year…

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Change is the top word for 2009. A Google search for “change” produces over one billion results. In the spirit of change, here are three ways to improve your sex life over the next 12 months.  1) Make your relationship a priority.  It’s easy to forget about each other when we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Sometimes we simply have to put pleasure first.  2) Be strategic about sex.  Many couples think sex has to be spontaneous because that’s how it is in the movies.  In real life it doesn’t work that way for most people.  We make plans to golf, shop, ski and take the kids to soccer.  Start making plans to be sexual and I guarantee you’ll have more sex.  3) Try something new.  Trade comfort for tension.  Every couple has a sexual pattern. Figure out what yours’ is.  This is a great exercise for couples that in and of itself can lead to better sex.  Once you have figured out your sexual pattern, co-create hot new experiences that are outside the box (no pun intended). 


Change starts with desire.  I wish for each of you to create the changes you want so you can live the sexy life you deserve.  www.doctorcannon.com  


It’s good modeling for parents to be affectionate in front of their children.  Granted, most kids don’t want to see mom and dad compete for the World Federated Tongue Wrestling Championship, however they do like to see mom and dad be affectionate. It makes kids feel secure, safe and loved.  The best way to make sure that your kids grow up to have healthy, sexy, intimate relationships as adults is to model it for them today.  As families come together for the holidays this is a great opportunity for Mr. & Mrs. Claus to show the love.  www.doctorcannon.com  

Better holiday sex starts in the kitchen…

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I remember standing in the kitchen during the holidays when I was a little boy while three generations of Cannon women were cooking Christmas dinner.  I recall asking my mom why she was cutting off the ends off the roast before placing it in the oven.  She lovingly told me it was part of her mother’s recipe and that’s what made it special.  So I asked her mom, my Grandmother Exie why she cut off the ends of the roast.   Grandma Exie told me it was part of her mother’s recipe and that’s what made it taste so good.  So I asked her mom, my great grandmother Mimi why she cut off the ends of the roast.  Great Grandma Mimi looked at me with a funny expression and said, I used to cut off the end of the roasts because my old oven was so small.  Not to be a buzz kill during the holidays,  but 45% of first marriages end in divorce, 65% of second marriages end in divorce and 75% of 3rd marriages end in divorce.  The reason for the same people getting divorced repeatedly is that they keep behaving the same way with different partners.  The couples I see in my practice who respond best to therapy become highly conscious of their patterns and break old behaviors that aren’t working.  The happiest couples tend to look for new ways to do things, new ways to love their partner, new ways to increase intimacy and above all else,  new ways to grow together as a couple. Cheers!  www.doctorcannon.com


Sex with Santa…

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The key to enhancing sex and intimacy during the holidays are twofold.  The first step is to create the intention to bring the joy of the season into the bedroom.  A little mistletoe on the top of the headboard can act as a loving reminder.  The second step is to identify holiday landmines and create a plan to minimize them.  The most common holiday stressors for couples are money, family, over-indulgence and over-committing.  So if you want to have better sex with Mr. or Mrs. Clause, avoid stepping in the reindeer dung by having a conversation with your partner about what would make this holiday season special and sexy for both of you.  www.doctorcannon.com