Gottman Level I Training in Denver

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I have always admired Dr. John Gottman’s contribution to the field and our understanding of couples.  The 25 year longitudinal studies produced by Gottman’s “love lab” at the University of Washington was invaluable.

If you are a clinician wanting to better understand Gottman’s principles, it all starts with training level I which will be in Denver on June 12 & 13.  For more information go to:

I have taken classes with Dr. Bill Bumberry who will be traveling to Denver from St. Louis and he is a delightful man and an excellent Gottman trainer that I highly recommend.

Remember, the first to being a good sex therapist, is to first be a great couples counselor.

Learning from the Master

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I recently had the privilege of doing my Level III Gottman Clinical Training in Seattle with Dr. John Gottman & Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman.  This is the marriage counseling equivalent of learning to play quarterback from Payton Manning!  Thank you, John and Julie!