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If Indiana Congressman, Steve Buyer, gets his way — sex could be the next thing to get taxed.  Apparently during discussions for the new health care bill, Buyer suggested a sin tax by way of higher health care premiums for those who engage in risky behavior, including unprotected sex.  (I don’t believe he included risky behaviors such as skydiving, martial arts, or your Harley ride to Sturgis next weekend).  Now let’s just suppose you agree with the congressman.  How are we going to monitor and enforce it?  How will we know the difference between a broken condom and no condom at all?  Would it include oral sex or only intercourse?  By the way, would we make that retroactive to President Clinton’s tryst with Monica, and if so, would the insurance premiums increase for both partners equally, or would there be different rates based on income? Forget nanny cams, if this bill passes I am going into the business of condom cams!

A Sexual Wake-Up Call…

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Everyone has heard of the 7 year itch.  In clinical terms there are actually three stages of a relationship that are at higher levels of risk for divorce.  Years 7, 15 and 25.  During those times it is easy to focus on the problems.  I like the approach that my colleague Tammy Nelson (seen right) takes which is to focus on the strengths of a relationship, or what she calls the “Waking Up Stage.”  When couples learn to re-connect the spark can live on for the long term. In her book, Getting the Sex You Want, Tammy says, “When you crave more passion in your relationship, you really crave move depth or intimacy.” If you want to hear Tammy live, you can tune in to The Sex & Intimacy Show this Thursday, July 23, 2009.

There is a Buzz in Bedrooms Across the Nation…

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Indian University (IU) reports that approximately half of both men and women use vibrators during sex.  This is the first meaningful vibrator study ever conducted on thousands of people between the ages of 18 to 60.  The researchers found that vibrators were helpful to overcome sexual dysfunction as well as to enhance pleasure.  Much overlooked by IU is one additional benefit of buying a vibrator.  Not only can you stimulate your partner but you can also stimulate the economy.

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Remember the song “I’m Too Sexy”? You know the one, “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts”…

Well, I never thought I’d say these words, but it’s official. I truly understand the burden of being too sexy…TOO SEXY FOR PRIMETIME, that is! We had our inaugural show last week and we were just too hot for prime time, so we’re movin on up. The Sex & Intimacy Show will now air live on Thursday’s at 10pm Mountain (9pm PDT/Midnight EDT).

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Clearly The Sex & Intimacy Show is still the edgy, fun and informative show where no question is off limits and no topic is taboo. Learn how to create sizzling sex and healthy relationships for a lifetime as Elaina and I provide an honest, entertaining and engaging approach to everybody’s favorite subject. The show is sex positive, relevant, and always full of humor and heart.

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Pope on Pleasure…

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elliephotoThe guest this week on the Sex & Intimacy Show is Ellie Pope. We will be talking with the delightful Ellie Pope about how to have more pleasure in your life. Who doesn’t want more of that? We hope you will join us for our inaugural show Sunday, July 5th at 5PM Mountain Time and 7PM EST. We broadcast live from Larimer Square.  If you are in Denver you can tune in to 1510 AM radio. Alternatively you can listen live anywhere in the intergalactic planetary system at

Countless couples come to me on the verge of divorce.  The last two weeks were particularly difficult for me to see so many nice people in so much pain.  By the time they get to me, there is often much unresolved anger, a lack of trust, no empathy and an overall sense of hopelessness.  If the couple is in love and are at least willing to explore the option of remaining married, then I say damn the torpedos and full speed ahead.  Some of the best relationships have been built from the ashes of broken hearts. No matter how bad it seems, no matter who has done what to whom, there is always hope.  I tell my clients that I will often fight for their marriage longer than they will.  Until my client says “stop” I’m focused on solutions and possibilities. It’s not easy work for the couples and it can get intense, but it’s worth the effort.  At worst, a couple who fully engages with a good counselor will never be able to look back with regrets for not making the effort.  In these tough economic times, I often hear couples say they can’t afford therapy, to which I respond, “then you certainly can’t afford divorce.”  If you are on the brink of divorce, just remember one thing: You can always get divorced, but once you get divorced you can’t un-ring the bell.  

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I’m in Canada speaking tonight. Many people ask what it means when I say that my life mission is to help make the world a more sex positive place and here’s but one example. Cross culturally the differences between Canada and my beloved America are vast. The former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau said, “The government doesn’t belong in our bedrooms.” In contrast, the US the government seems to think that our bedroom is their bedroom, e.g., it remains illegal to sell sex toys in certain US states.  Sad but true! On the other hand In Canada sex toys are legal and, comprehensive sexuality education is the norm. Did you know that in the US, states only receive federal funding for abstinence only education? Kids don’t have less sex in the US, they just have more un-safe sex. That’s why the US has the highest rate of un-wanted teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in the western world. I say let’s learn from our northern neighbors and start catching up with the rest of the western world. Hale Canada! www.doctorcannon.ceom

Kelloggs dumps Michael Phelps…

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Olympic star Michael Phelps was dumped by Kelloggs Corn Flakes this week for smoking pot.  Interestingly, Kelloggs has a long history of rigidity.  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg originally created corn flakes as a health food back in 1906.  Kellogg was an influential author and proponent of health and nutrition.  Unfortunately, Dr. Kellogg also believed that many types of sexual activity were extremely unhealthy.  One of Dr. Kelloggs extreme beliefs was that masturbators required rehabilitation that included genital cages, sewing the foreskin of the penis shut and electric shock.  Genital mutilation was also an option that included circumcision without anesthetic for boys and carbolic acid on the clitoris for girls.  According to Kellogg, “The most loathsome reptile, rolling in the slush and slime of its stagnant pools, would not bemean itself by masturbating.” The moral of the story is that next time you boys choke the chicken, or you girls tickle the taco, just be thankful Dr. Kellogg wasn’t your pediatrician.

Sadomasochists are no different than Ma & Pa Kettle…

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psych-todayI had a record number of visits to my blog yesterday when I wrote about spanking. Since there was so much interest in the topic it seems that one good spanking deserves another.  There were four recent scientific studies conducted on the mental health of BDSM practitioners.  Each study found no evidence of psychopathology and there has never been a study that suggests anything to the contrary.  One study even found that BDSM practitioners have IQ’s that are 10 points higher than members of the general population.  Not only can BDSM be a healthy form of sexual expression between consenting adults, but as a group, those who participate may also be smarter than the average person. BDSM is a complex game of role-play and costumery requiring thought, communication skills and trust. Perhaps BDSM is to sex what chess is to checkers.  The kinksters may have just declared “checkmate!”

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A spanking good time…

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I had a client last week who loves to be spanked as foreplay.  Her husband is reluctant.  He wants to know why she wants to be spanked and is it normal.  The first thing we need to do is forget about why.  We don’t know why and it’s not important.  What is important is what you do with the desire for alternative forms of sexual expression and how you integrate them into your life and your relationship.  10% to 14% of Americans participate in BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism).  BDSM is not to be confused with violence and rage.  BDSM is a form of sexual role play between consenting adults.  If it feels good to both of you then I say go for it, Ricky.