Sex Workers

How many times have you heard that sex workers have all been abused?  That is true for some of course, however not for all.  And does it matter?

From dancers to dominatrixes, you and your work are valued by me.  Regardless of what type of sex work you do, good therapy can help you sort through life’s issues. When choosing a therapist, I strongly you encourage you to, select, don’t settle.  You deserve a therapist who will treat you with dignity and help you with your therapeutic goals, not the goals the therapist has set for you.

If you would prefer a referral, just let me know what you need. We are very fortunate in Colorado to have many therapists with a variety of experience levels and costs — both male and female. Many have  who have undergone with specific training in the nuances of providing quality therapy to sex workers and their partners.  Some are in my suite of offices.

If my website says I am not accepting new clients and you want to work with me, just ignore the scheduling system that says I am not accepting new clients.  If you can be a bit patient, I will be honored to work with you.