Sex on the beach…

207_jenniferkiel1One of the biggest challenges couples of all ages face is the use of what I call the two “killer words,” i.e., “always” and “never.” You always do this and you never do that!  Always and never are relationship killers because they don’t allow for growth and change.  I love this picture of two young newlyweds.  Partly because it is my son and his bride, both of whom I dearly love.  But also because this image is symbolic of love and intimacy when couples are walking forward instead of looking backwards.  Happy anniversary, kids!

2 thoughts on “Sex on the beach…”

  1. Ahhh…. Thank you for mentioning us. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I need to keep up with it. You sure do know how to make someone laugh:)
    Love you,
    Your daughter-in-law.

  2. Dear the Beloved Couples , the emotional and passionate lovers , Good Luck millions of times ,
    The romantic atmosphere in which the two couple are barefooted with their foot marks on the sea sand is unbelievable . It is natural , it is not false . It is real . It is , as if they know each other hundred years back . This is love . Their smiling faces towards each other . I feel their hearts are beating , their blood in their veins and their vessels are getting warm . Love , true love , that turn the cheeks reddish . Young male and female with this fascinating and admiration of each other is allowing the whole world to celebrate that type of closeness and affection . I do with all my heart , wish the couple a lovely life , full of tranquility , peace , passion and longevity . The are the best sample of man and woman love . I wish I can meet them and congratulate them warmly for this remarkable practice of caring and devotion to each other . I wish them happiness throughout their life and good health .
    Many thanks


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