Sadomasochists are no different than Ma & Pa Kettle…

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psych-todayI had a record number of visits to my blog yesterday when I wrote about spanking. Since there was so much interest in the topic it seems that one good spanking deserves another.  There were four recent scientific studies conducted on the mental health of BDSM practitioners.  Each study found no evidence of psychopathology and there has never been a study that suggests anything to the contrary.  One study even found that BDSM practitioners have IQ’s that are 10 points higher than members of the general population.  Not only can BDSM be a healthy form of sexual expression between consenting adults, but as a group, those who participate may also be smarter than the average person. BDSM is a complex game of role-play and costumery requiring thought, communication skills and trust. Perhaps BDSM is to sex what chess is to checkers.  The kinksters may have just declared “checkmate!”

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  1. And she’s got her corset on backwards.

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