Playboy Radio and Sirius XM Help People Grow Sexually…


Tiffany Granath, Playboy Radio

I will never forget my first trip to Chicago in the early 1980’s. I was in my mid 20’s and it was toward the end of the sexual revolution (coffen sealed in 1984 with AIDS!).  My colleague and I, Joe Schmidt, “took one for the team” and visited the famed Playboy Club in the heart of Chi Town.  Since then I have had the privilege of attending parties at the Playboy Mansion and got to know first-hand what a class act Christy Heffner is.  Fast forwarding to this afternoon, thanks to the president of Playboy Radio, Farrell Hirsch; my co-host and I, Elaina McMillan were featured on Playboy Radio, Sirius XM.  Anytime we appear on a live show there are always risks for us because we are having conversations about what are uncomfortable topics for many people, i.e., sex.  I must share with my loyal blog readers that Playboy was more professional than any guest could have ever hoped for.  Our beautiful hostess, Tiffany Granath was gracious, compassionate, smart and nothing short of brilliant.  Tiffany was sex positive and gave listeners permission to be true to their sexual selves. My personal life mission is to help make the world a more sex positive place, help people heal sexually, and help to people grow.  Playboy was the perfect forum for helping real people overcome real life issues and we are glad Playboy is here to serve and entertain.  Cheers to you Playboy!  

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