Open Relationships

Denver has a large and thriving community involved in the lifestyle of Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM).  I was Chairman of a dissertation committee on this topic recently for a very bright young clinician who is really trying to make a difference.  The results of her study shined a spotlight on how the general mental health community and marriage counselors specifically, have little working knowledge about what CNM actually is, let alone how to help clients navigate the terrain.

Seventy-five percent of the work I do is with couples, many of whom are in open relationships. Whatever relationship configuration you are in or are considering, we can learn from the experience of those who have gone before you.

I have worked with poly families of every imaginable shape and configuration. My primary office comfortably seats six, but I have a separate office for even larger groups. So no matter how large the group or how complex the situation, I strive to help individuals within a group find ways to achieve their goals.

If you are new to the lifestyle and want help getting started right, or a longtime member of the community, good counseling from an experienced therapist can really help.