One secret to never tell your spouse…

Let’s just suppose there are one or more features on your body that you are not happy with.  Imagine that!  Well, it’s perfectly natural and okay to have those thoughts, but it is a big mistake to share those thoughts with your partner because ultimately you will convince him or her not to like that part of your body as well.  In other words if you keep telling your partner you hate the way your ears look, in time he too will come to think you are a direct descendent of Dumbo.  A recent study found that 71% of men are happy with their partner’s breasts so let’s leave well enough alone.  My advice; save negative feelings about your body for your best friend or your therapist, but keep this a secret from your partner.  For all you know, it was those big floppy ears that attracted him to you in the first place.

1 thought on “One secret to never tell your spouse…”

  1. Man doc cannon, you made me laugh like a mofo with that response you left me
    anyways home bizzle check this shit out
    thats her response to what i wrote
    regardleess son, stay up and be easy, it aint easy bein black i feel you son. its even harder being half black and half white, mulattos aint get no love.
    doctor ession


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