Transvestic Fetishism is the clinical term commonly referred to as cross-dressing. Cross-dressing is generally, but not always, a heterosexual male who finds it sexually arousing to wear women’s clothing. Cross-dressing does not mean that a man who dresses in women’s clothes has Gender Identity Disorder or is a transsexual. For some men who wear women’s clothing, it can be related to their gender identity or gender expression, however not necessarily.  It is different for everyone!

Counseling for cross-dressers and their partners can take many forms. Which form it takes is entirely dependent on your therapeutic goal. For instance, cross-dressing might not be a problem for some spouses, but can be an enormous problem for others. Cross-dressing can be the root of stigma, shame, and secrets. Whatever it is for you, my goal is to help you feel better about your life and your relationship.


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