Whether it was a physical affair or an emotional affair, the heartbreak and feelings of betrayal that stem from infidelity can be devastating. For some people, learning their partner betrayed them can be horribly traumatic. The days and weeks immediately following the discovery or disclosure of infidelity can be some of the darkest days that many couples will ever experience.  Getting help immediately by an experienced couples counselor can be a tremendous source of support.

My goal is to help couples heal in the best way possible from what can seem like an insurmountable problem. There are stages that most couples experience following infidelity, and there are processes we can use to work through each stage.

As you work through the next stages of healing, you will learn what went wrong, how you got to where you are, and what needs to happen going forward.  Re-building trust will be at the core of our work.  As painful as infidelity can be, I have seen countless couples recreate their relationship and build a much stronger connection than they ever thought possible. Most of the couples I work with survive infidelity, and that’s one of the reasons I always have hope.

During the first stage, you may very well be in crisis.  During the crisis stage, we will work together in an effort to help you calm the storm and restore a sense of normalcy. The crisis stage lasts a different length of time for each couple.

If you are in the crisis stage and I don’t have any available appointments, please e-mail me with a brief explanation of your situation and I will do the best I can to get you in sooner than what might occur during the normal course of scheduling, or get you referred to a qualified couples counselor.

Dr. Neil is EMDR trained for treating trauma which is evidenced base treatment for treating triggers such as the trauma of discovering infidelity.