Valentine’s Day for a Sex Therapist

 © Tihis | Dreamstime.comValentine Day Photo

As this week unfolded I realized there was an unusually high level of curiosity from my clients and friends as to how the “sex therapist” was going to spend Valentine’s Day.  I can only wonder what they were imaging we had planned.  Better tighten the bolts on the chandeliers!  🙂
The truth is that my partner and I don’t actually treat Valentine’s Day differently than any other day because we try to make everyday special.  We don’t exchange gifts on V-Day and we don’t go out.  We stay in and I do my best to cook something yummy, just like most Saturday nights.
The truth is that we made a commitment to each other nearly a decade ago to create such a high quality relationship that we would wake up each morning and select each other all over again, every day of our life.  So for us, it is less about making certain days special, and more about making every day special.
But that’s just us.  There are as many ways to live a wonderful life as there are couples. However you celebrate, Happy Valentine’s Day to all!