Gender Neutral Bathrooms for Safety & Acceptance

I see trans teens go all day without using the restroom because they don’t have a bathroom in their school where they feel safe from getting beat-up. This is a real problem that hurts countless trans-youth in Colorado.
Legislation related to the use of public restrooms is now a big thing in the news for transgendered folks however this is something that mental health professionals have been battling for years .  I look forward to the day we solve this problem as a society however in the meanwhile, we can make a difference one school, one kiddo at a time.
If you are one of the many trans teens in Colorado who does not have a safe restroom to use in your junior high or high school, would you like an ally?  I have helped many gender variant clients get policy changed in their school so they have a gender neutral restroom to use.  You don’t have to be my client to get help.  Just send me an e-mail explaining your situation along with the contact information for the principle of your school and I will contact them.  You don’t have to hold it!