Couples Intensives

Intensive Relationship Support to Solve Big Problems

If something needs to change quickly, a relationship intensive may be the answer, or at least an important step in your process. I provide the support you need. I have been doing intensives for over a decade and I’ve seen how intensives can help couples make huge progress in a single weekend.  

The process is based on years of experience leading couples through these very specialized, highly-focused experiences.  It starts with a conversation on Zoom. You get to meet me and I get to understand enough about your issue to know if I think an intensive is appropriate. If it feels like a fit for all of us, we get you scheduled ASAP. Because the need is generally pressing and I am generally booked out several months in advance, I usually do intensives on weekends so I can get you in sooner.  

We do the entire intensive on HIPAA Compliant Zoom. Depending on your issue, we generally have each of you complete a comprehensive assessment. The assessment accelerates my ability to get to know you. We hit the ground running on Saturday morning. For most couples, we work from 9am to 5pm on Saturday. On Sunday, it is the same basic schedule, however if we resolve your issue earlier, we wrap up early.


All sessions are via HIPAA Compliant Zoom.

If you request a relationship intensive, I will try to schedule it within the next  3 weekends (if desired). All intensives are on Saturday and Sunday. The intensive will be fully tailored to your schedule, and generally takes two days.

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