I attempt to treat all my clients like VIPs. I also know there are certain people who require a level of care and privacy that goes above and beyond traditional counseling services. Athletes, CEOs, entertainers and other high net worth families are appreciative of the flexibility that comes with concierge counseling.

The concierge portion of my practice is designed to give you the ultimate in privacy and access. I make myself available to you with little or no notice, as you need me. That means that instead of having to wait weeks for an appointment, I come in early or stay late so you have same day access. I also see my concierge clients on Fridays, weekends, and holidays when needed. And yes, I make house calls. I will come to your home or office to meet with you if that is what you prefer.

In addition to the benefits of flexibility, availability, and access, there are a multitude of nuances that are omnipresent in the therapeutic process. If the therapist isn’t accustomed to working with celebrity and VIP clients, you may not receive the care you deserve.

Because I spent 20 years as the CEO of a large company before returning to school to become a sex therapist, marriage and family counselor, I am accustomed to working with VIPs. In addition to my Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, and my license in Marriage and Family Therapy, I am an alumnus of the Harvard Business School, OPM Class of 1987. I have also been a member of YPO/WPO since 1987, and am a Past Chapter Chairman. My business background makes me practical, solution focused, and well prepared to deal with complex situations.

How does one go from CEO to Sex Therapist? I initially went back to school to work with people who had been sexually, emotionally, and physically abused. As time went on, however, my practice evolved and developed into virtually all aspects of sex therapy, marriage and family counseling.

For families, individuals and couples in crisis, the concierge service can be life-changing and relationship-saving. Certain life issues require immediate attention. Issues relating to infidelity, problems with out of control sexual behavior, “sex addiction,” abusive situations, domestic violence, and other high risk situations require immediate intervention.  Some things just can’t wait.

Every client situation is unique. If you have an interest, please contact me directly by e-mail or phone so I can learn more about what you need. My e-mail address is My personal cell phone is 303.550.3895. I am the only person who has access to my e-mail and cell phone, so your messages are completely confidential.