The Passing of Virginia Johnson…

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One of the leading pioneers of sex research left us yesterday at the age of 88.  Virginia “Ginny” Johnson and her late husband Bill Masters conducted the largest clinical sex study ever conducted on women in the United States.  Can you imagine the courage it took to conduct an observational study on 700 women and men having orgasms in a laboratory half a century ago in conservative Washington University in St. Louis?  Of the many gifts she left us, the three I appreciate most are:

1. Masters & Johnson (M&J) dispelled the myth created by Sigmund Freud who said clitoral orgasms were an immature sexual response compared to vaginal orgasms.

2. M&J helped us all to understand the four stage human sexual response cycle that those of us who followed have been able to build upon.

3. M&J created Sensate Focus which are a series of sex exercises for couples and individuals that are to a sex therapist what a hammer is to a carpenter.

On October 7, 2013 I have the honor and privilege of moderating a workshop in Denver on Sensate Focus that will be taught by Linda Weiner who worked with Dr. William Masters and Dr. Virginia Johnson back in the 1960’s.

Thank you, Ginny for your enormous impact on our field and for the many lives that you positively impacted.  We are all better clinicians because of you!


Carry On…

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When couples get stuck we can almost be assured that hearts are hard. If you are having a tough time feeling connected to your partner and it seems like you have had the same conversation many times without ever resolving anything, you are not alone.  That is a very common pattern for many couples that are having a difficult time in their relationship.

Ultimately you will need to solve the underlying patterns to make sustainable progress.  And that by the way is a very doable process for couples ready to change.  In the meanwhile, if you think a softer heart could help your relationship, watch the 12 minute clip on ESPN’s Outside the Lines episode called, Carry On.

It just aired today and it touched me.  As I watched it for the second time my partner and I wondered out loud, how could it not soften even the hardest of hearts….


Tantra Workshop…

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I have had several clients ask me lately about upcoming Tantra workshops.  Here is one being done by Dr. Sally Valentine in Florida.  Sally has a lot of experience and this would be a wonderful workshop to attend for those interested.

This is a workshop designed for couples who wish to go deeper into exploration of their sexuality and sacred connection. Couples will learn breath work that facilitates greater movement of sexual energy; deepen their sexual knowledge of themselves and their partner, share more verbally and listen more completely on intimate levels; widen the lens of sacred possibilities and learn how current research supports the wisdom of ancient Tantra practices.
This workshop is ideal for practitioners and their partners, not only will you have the opportunity to experience the practices and processes, but, you can bring them back to your own clients!
Early registration ends June 24,2013!
Date: August 24-25, 2013
Presenter: Sally Valentine, PhD, LCSW
Telephone: 561-391-3305
Boca Raton, FL
AASECT approved for 12 CE credits.
FL approved 12 CE credits.
For details, go to:

A wonderful new book by Dr. Gina Ogden…

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As a Certified Sex Therapist, one of the biggest challenges we face with clients is a “sexual performance” mindset. For many people sex is about erections and orgasms. Gina Ogden does a fascinating job of changing the conversation to something much more relevant which is an exploration of the sexual experience as something much deeper than that. And she backs it up with research. This is a brilliant book and must reading for all sex therapists and couples counselors. It is also a wonderful book for people who want a better relationship, more intimacy and better sex!


First Professional Athlete Comes Out…

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This is a monumental day in the history of the LGBT community.  NBA player, Jason Collins (34) came out today as gay and is the first active athlete in any of the four major US sports to come out as gay.
Rumors have been circling for several months that 4 gay NFL players are going to come out simultaneously before the season starts as well.  For those who don’t follow sports, there is a well founded history of fear by gay athletes that if they come out, not only would it impact them economically by way of their contract, endorsements, and fan popularity, but there is also a great deal of concern about personal safety on the field or in the arena.
Imagine the shame of living a life holding such an enormous sexual secret for thirty some years, and imagine the courage it took to announce to a country and that can be intolerant of anything non-normative that I am different.
Jason was an all American at Stanford and subsequently played 12 years in the NBA.  Jason is 34 and played this year for both the Washington Wizards and the Boston Celtics.  He is currently a free agent.

I have treated countless men who were abused as children.  For many, the shame runs deep.  “Why me?  What did I do wrong?  What if I was turned-on by the abuse?”  For every man I treat who has been abused, there are different questions.  One thing that rings consistently is a feeling of isolation when it comes to being able to talk about this their abuse.  It is the big dark secret that men are afraid to discuss!

“Boys and Men Healing From Child Sexual Abuse” is coming to Boulder next week as a special preview.  One of my mentors was instrumental in making this film and as such I had the privilege of following along with this film as it was being produced and was I able to preview it in its’ infancy.  For men who have been abused, and the people who love them, it can indeed have the power to transform!

If this topic is of interest to you as a client or clinician, you won’t want to miss Boys and Men Healing!

April 9, 2013 at 6pm at the Boulder Public Library.


National Orgasm Week

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There is a celebratory day for everything from groundhogs to egg salad, so why not celebrate a little toe-curling sex?  Back in 1980, Sex Therapist, Dr. Roger Libby launched National Orgasm Week and it has been going strong ever since.  A little known fact is that the same Dr. Libby authored one of the best sex ed books ever created.  “The Naked Truth About Sex: A Guide to Intelligent Sexual Choices for Teenagers and Twenty-Somethings” is a wonderful book written in MTV format that is ideal for folks in that age group, as well as their parents!


Aging & Sexuality Workshop…

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Did you know that Colorado has a much higher than average number of baby boomers per capita than the average state?  On February 4, 2013, I am delighted to be moderating a workshop on “Aging & Sexuality” that Marne Wine, LPC & Certified Sex Therapist will be conducting.  The workshop is limited to professionals only.  If you would like to attend and are not yet a member of AASECT, please e-mail me for details.  If you want to read more about this topic you may enjoy the book, “Naked at Our Age” by Joan Price.

That’s Marne on the left, and Dr. Stephanie Buehler on my right.


A new study was released today by Sexual Health Rankings indicating that in terms of overall sexual health, Colorado was number 15, Vermont was 1 and Mississippi was last. Sexual Health Rankings is based on a holistic, positive concept of sexual health, first advanced by the World Health Organization (WHO), that is widely accepted by authorities in the health and social sciences.

Congratulations to Vermont! Perhaps a good next step for the good folks of Mississippi would be to start by legalizing sex toys!


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Not so fast…

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I have been so busy with my practice that I have taken a hiatus from blogging however the misinformation recently provided by Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show was so alarmingly inaccurate I needed some place to shout. They did a segment on “The New Sex Therapy” where they essentially said that clients could now pay their sex therapist to watch them having sex and give them feedback. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Most Certified Sex Therapists are first and foremost, Licensed Mental Health Professionals governed by the laws and ethics of the state they practice in. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of Colorado it would be a gross ethical violation for me to do what was described on NBC. This would apply to most mental health professionals in most states. If you see the initials LMFT, LPC, LCSW or Psychologist after the name of your sex therapist it is not likely they will be watching you have sex any time soon.