Colorado has achieved remarkable reductions in the rate of teenage pregnancy in recent years by giving young women free, long-acting contraceptives that protect them for several years. The birthrate among teenagers in the state plummeted by 40 percent from 2009 to 2013 and teenage abortions dropped by 42 percent largely as a result of this initiative.

Credit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for an aggressive outreach program and wise use of private money to carry out a program that could not win approval from the state’s legislature, the General Assembly. The department used funds from a private foundation to provide women with long-acting contraceptives at little or no cost. More than 30,000 intrauterine devices (IUDs) and contraceptive implants were distributed at 68 family planning clinics across the state.

The contraceptive implant is a small plastic rod, about the size of a matchstick, that contains a small amount of hormones and is inserted just under the skin of the upper arm. It can prevent pregnancy for three years once inserted and can be easily removed at any time; fertility immediately returns to normal. The IUDs provided are effective for at least five years, according to the department.

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University of Michigan Now Accepting Applications

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If you are a future sex therapist, the University of Michigan has a fabulous program and I am honored to teach there.

The University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program (UMSHCP) provides comprehensive education and training to professionals interested in the field of sexual health in three tracks. Participants will gain assessment, intervention, and consultation skills; will learn strategies to apply these skills in the workplace; and will link with a peer learning community to practice new skills and discuss applied learning.


Sexuality Education (for educators) Sexuality Counseling (for health professionals) and Sex Therapy (for mental health professionals)

¨      Location:

Sexuality Counselor /Sex Therapist: 4 campus based courses at University of Michigan Campus, Ann Arbor MI and 5 weekends offered in live distance learning

Sexuality Educators: 4 campus based courses at University of Michigan Campus and 5 weekends offered in live distance learning

Blended track of  both Educator and Therapist/Counselor: 5 campus based weekends at University of Michigan and 5 weekends offered in live distance learning

Program Format

Following a cohort-style ‘cohort’ learning model, participants enter together as a class and remain together throughout the training in their track (see calendar at UMSHCP website). Total program lasts one year–March to March.

The new cohort commences in late March of each year. Throughout the program, participants participate in a total of seven two-day minicourses (minicourses=15 hours) if pursuing sexuality educator training, or nine two-day minicourses if pursuing sexuality counselor or sex therapist training. The weekends are arranged so that a participant can take both a counselor or therapist track and the educator track should they wish to do so.

All participants in all three tracks share 90 hours of educational minicourses together (six weekend classes). All are together for the first four-day weekend including SAR and educational minicourse. The participants also pursue advanced training in their ‘track’ of Sexuality Education (30 hours =a two-day Mon/Tues and two-day Sat/Sun), Sexuality Counseling (60 hours = 2 two-day weekends and one four-day Sat-Tuesday), and Sex Therapy (60 hours = 2 two-day weekends and one four-day Sat-Tuesday).

Live Distance Learning. 75 hours of sexuality education can be attended through simultaneous live distance learning (see calendar at website). The remaining courses are campus-based learning because they involve training (role plays, case discussions, curriculum design and other elements) better suited to on-campus learning.

Faculty. Program faculty are AASECT certified sex therapists, sexuality counselors, and sexuality educators, as well as certified supervisors and consultants. They are skilled teachers as well as sexologists who have conducted research, published articles and books, worked to change public policy in the field of sexual health, spoken at national and international conferences, and are frequently cited in the media. They maintain professional affiliation with AASECT as well as other major professional organizations in sex therapy and research, sexuality education, health and mental health.

Curriculum. An overview of course content is available at UMSHCP website.

Once admitted, participants receive detailed information about program participation, travel and hotel accommodations, website-based learning used in the program and detailed syllabi for the courses. Some reading and non-graded assignments are part of every class. All readings are electronic and are free to participants. Access to the website and articles continues indefinitely for all alums of the program.

Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Counselor and Sex Therapist Tracks. 

The program is open to health and mental health professionals from all recognized disciplines. An applicant applies to the program by ‘track’:

–Sexuality educators are professionals with an undergraduate or master’s degree (or higher) who regularly provide information about sexual health in educational or health environments. This includes but is not limited to schools, residential treatment facilities, medical centers, and family planning centers.

–Sexuality counselors are primarily professionals providing health care, like nurses, doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, who assist in defining a client’s sexual issues and concerns, and provide both counseling.

–Sex therapists are mental health professionals who are licensed in their states or countries to provide mental health care. They have completed graduate school for clinical training in their professional area. This may be a PhD, MD, MSW, or MA.

–Multidisciplinary focus. Sexual health professionals consistently interact with other disciplines to promote the principles of sexual health for the clients and groups they serve. The cohort style learning encourages this multidisciplinary approach.

CEs: The program is approved for up to 195 AASECT CEs. It offers medical CMEs and social work/counseling ACE CEs as well.

Advisory Board: The program’s advisory board is composed of leaders in the fields of sexual health and reproductive justice and includes: Eli Coleman, PhD; Betsy Crane, PhD; Ed Goldman, JD; Debby Herbenick, PhD; Hilda Hutcherson, MD; Tim Johnson, MD; Beverly Whipple, PhD.

For further information contact:

Sallie Foley, LMSW, UMSHCP Director at smfoley@umich.edu734.764.4074


Sex, Judaism & Feminism

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If you have a curiosity about this topic, there is nobody better suited to teach it than Talli Rosenbaum.  Talli is a gifted sex therapist in Israel.  In this 5 week on-line course, Talli brings you a frank and open exploration of some of our deepest desires, a conversation about sex in Judaism from a uniquely feminist perspective. This course, open to people of all genders and all backgrounds, brings together some of the most respected leaders in the field from around the world: sex therapists, sex-positive activists, writers, health practitioners and more. The course will be taking place on Wednesdays in July, at 1PM EST, 8PM Israel time.  To register go to: 


Sex Made Simple

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If you are a clinician and you are only going to buy one book this year, Sex Made Simple, by Dr. Barry McCarthy may just be the one.  Barry was actually helping me this morning to prepare for my class that I am teaching at the University of Michigan when he mentioned that his new book will be published later this month so I immediately pre-ordered it.

I also learned this morning that Barry will be doing a clinical training here in Denver this December of 2015 with PESI. If you are a clinician and want to attend Barry’s workshop, just let me know and I will send you the brochure.

I have attended many of Barry’s workshops over the years however he really wowed me was the first time we met one on one a few years ago.  I am sure you can relate to this that many people of Barry’s professional stature, when in social situations do a lot of talking about themselves.  Barry on the other hand expressed genuine curiosity about me and I recall him asking about my therapeutic orientations as well as my preferred models and methods.  Barry is a gift to our field and one of the nicest men one could ever meet.

sex made simple 2

Re-Thinking Infidelity

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Yesterday in Minneapolis I had the privilege of introducing my friend, Esther Perel, to 600 sex therapists for her key note plenary address.  We were attending the annual international conference for the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT).  AASECT is the leading certification body in the world for clinical and educational aspects of human sexuality.

Esther not only packed the house, but she shook it!  I have never seen any other speaker at this event receive such a long and enthusiastic standing ovation following her speech.  Esther is the author of the best-seller, Mating in Captivity and now has more than 7 million views on her two Ted Talks.  Esther is a true thought-leader on the subject of eroticism.



Dr. Neil Cannon and Esther Perel speaking in Minneapolis

I was delighted to honor my friend, Doug Braun-Harvey in Minneapolis yesterday as Dr. Eli Coleman and the University of Minnesota announced the first research fellowship of its’ kind.  Few issues in the world of sex therapy are more misunderstood than out of control sexual behavior.


From left to right: Neil, Dr. Anna Randal and Doug Braun-Harvey.

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The Cost of Sex on the Beach

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© Artcomedy | – Beach Chairs Photo

Why isn’t this couple in their chairs?  Apparently they were somewhere having sex on Bradenton Beach in Florida.

Last month a Florida jury convicted Jose Caballero, 40, and Elissa Alvarez, 20, on charges that they had sex on Bradenton Beach. According to the Washington Post, Caballero could face the maximum 15 years because he has been out of prison for less than three years on a drug charge, but the Assistant State Attorney will seek a more lenient sentence for Alvarez: though they both must register as sex offenders.

So this couple had sex on the beach in broad daylight.  There wasn’t consent by the other sunbathers and that’s not cool, but really — 15 years in prison and registration as a sex offender!

I can’t help but put on my taxpayer hat and say hey, would you mind fixing a few of the potholes between my home in The Highlands and my office in Cherry Creek?

I’m just sayen’  🙂

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Gottman Level I Training in Denver

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I have always admired Dr. John Gottman’s contribution to the field and our understanding of couples.  The 25 year longitudinal studies produced by Gottman’s “love lab” at the University of Washington was invaluable.

If you are a clinician wanting to better understand Gottman’s principles, it all starts with training level I which will be in Denver on June 12 & 13.  For more information go to:

I have taken classes with Dr. Bill Bumberry who will be traveling to Denver from St. Louis and he is a delightful man and an excellent Gottman trainer that I highly recommend.

Remember, the first to being a good sex therapist, is to first be a great couples counselor.

Colorado Denim Day

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In 1997 in Rome, Italy, an 18-year-old girl was raped by her 45-year-old driving instructor, who was later convicted and sentenced to jail. The perpetrator appealed the sentence, and his case went to the Italian Supreme Court where the case was overturned. The Head Judge released a statement arguing that because the victim wore tight jeans, he assumed that she must have helped her perpetrator remove her jeans and, therefore, consented.

This is enraging and is commonly referred to as victim blaming.  Sadly, because of the many women I treat for trauma, rape and abuse, I know that unfortunately this sort of awful activity continues to occur here in our great state of Colorado.

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) is holding its’ 3rd Annual Colorado Denim Day event in an effort to raise awareness about sexual assault throughout Colorado and to raise funds to support the mission of promoting safety, justice, and healing for survivors while working toward the elimination of sexual violence in our communities.  Please join me…

Sign-up today! Go online to

On Colorado Denim Day, April 29, 2015, state agencies, businesses, and other groups in Colorado will be asked to allow their employees to pay $5 in exchange for wearing jeans on Denim Day. Wearing jeans is a conversation-starter and visual sign of your support of survivors and CCASA’s mission to end sexual violence. Colorado Denim Day will show the power of communities coming together to support survivors and take a stand against sexual violence.

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Stake in the Ground

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If you are going to be in the LA area on May 17, you won’t want to miss the world premier of Stake in the Ground my my pal, Dr. Jallen Rix. In this play that Jallen wrote and performs in, he exposes the damaging sexual shame and stigmas society dumps upon the innocent.  It is also showing in Palm Springs on May 23 and 24.  Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a wild ride with Jallen!

For ticket information:

Be a part of the World Premiere at  

Highways in Santa Monica, CA

Sunday May 17, 2pm – tickets at:

or phone reservations: 310-315-1459




Spend Memorial Day Weekend in the desert and see the 

 Palm Springs Premiere at the Desert Rose Playhouse

Saturday, May 23, 8pm & Sunday, May 24, 2pm

Tickets (on sale April 25) –

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