Kathie Lee & Hoda: Not so fast…

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I have been so busy with my practice that I have taken a hiatus from blogging however the misinformation recently provided by Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show was so alarmingly inaccurate I needed some place to shout. They did a segment on “The New Sex Therapy” where they essentially said that clients could now pay their sex therapist to watch them having sex and give them feedback. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Most Certified Sex Therapists are first and foremost, Licensed Mental Health Professionals governed by the laws and ethics of the state they practice in. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of Colorado it would be a gross ethical violation for me to do what was described on NBC. This would apply to most mental health professionals in most states. If you see the initials LMFT, LPC, LCSW or Psychologist after the name of your sex therapist it is not likely they will be watching you have sex any time soon.



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I frequently work with people who are trying to make sense of their sexual orientation.  For some people it can be confusing and cause great stress on their intimate relationships.  For others it can be uncomfortable because they don’t feel like they fit in with either the gay community or the straight community. Others still, wonder if they will ever be able to be happy with just one partner.

Whatever your concern, my goal is to help you find the path that works for you.  For those who are in the early stages of exploration, you may find the information below to be helpful.

Bisexuality is when a person is sexually or romantically attracted to both men.  Those attractions may evolve, come to life, or change over a person’s life span.  Sexual orientation is a continuum ranging from pure heterosexuality to pure homosexuality.  Being somewhere in the middle is perfectly normal.

The Kinsey Scale helps to explain the sexual continuum with zero as completely heterosexual and 6 being completely homosexual.  In Kinsey’s research where he studied approximately 18,000 people in the 1930’s and 1940’s he found that a very small percentage of people are either a zero or a 6 and that most people fall somewhere in between.

Here is one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Alfred Kinsey from his book published in 1948:

“Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats. Not all things are black, nor are all things white. . . . [O]nly the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separate pigeonholes. The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects. The sooner we learn this concerning human sexual behavior the sooner we shall reach a sound understanding of the realities of sex.”

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Sex Pot — the best app ever…

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Check out “Sex Pot.”  This is the ultimate app for your I-Phone.  The best 99 cents you’ll ever spend.  Ask the Sex Pot anything, shake your sex pot and the answer to all of your most personal questions will be revealed.  I admit it.  I have personally “played with it” and loved every minute.

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Hard times can make for soft penises…

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Nobody comes into my office and says, “Hey Doc, I just lost my life savings and my erection is better than ever.” The truth is that stress can negatively impact erections but so can a lot of other things.  More than one-third of American men between 40 to 70 experience erectile difficulties (ED).  That’s 20 million men!  The great thing is that there is a lot you can do to improve the situation.  If you are on medication, talk to your doc and see if your meds could be the culprit.  If so, there are generally alternatives that are more penis-friendly.  Exercise more.  It’s all about your cardiovascular system and blood flow.  If you smoke, stop yesterday. Not only do cigarettes make your mouth taste like an ashtray but they will soften your erection as well and ultimately make your penis shrink down to the size of a baby carrot.  Viagra, Cialis and Levitra may be options for you as well.  Many GP’s are not aware of the 2.5 MG dose of everyday Cialis so you might want to talk to your MD about that as an option (less side affects and you are always ready).  Your diet and vitamins can also have an impact.  There is a really good book called “The Hardness Factor” that has lots of details about how diet and vitamins can make for a harder and happier penis.  The bottom line is that most couples don’t have to settle for softness.

Book banning…

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I wish this post was about Iraq or North Korea however unfortunately we are talking about California, the largest state in this great nation. Merriam-Webster’s 10th edition contains the term and definition for “oral sex” (oral stimulation of the genitals).  This past week, one parent in Riverside, California complained to the school district and the world’s most published dictionary has been banned from the 4th and 5th grade classrooms.  This is the type of “head in the sand” policy that continues to cause increasing rates in STD’s and unwanted teen pregnancies.  Our kids need comprehensive sexuality education.  Ignorance solves nothing.  I’m guessing that most 4th and 5th graders have access to a computer.  When they do a Google search for “oral sex” like I just did, they are going to see that the search engine found 21,300,000 pages of information on oral sex, the first of which was “Free Nasty Oral” while the second was “give the best blow jobs.”  CNN took a pole and found that 97% of the respondents are against banning the dictionaries yet the school board remains solid in their convictions and have vowed to “start looking for other things of a graphic nature.”  I propose that the 11th edition of the dictionary shows a picture of the 2010 school board next to the word, “knucklehead”.


Here it is folks, your comprehensive guide to semen in 500 words or less.  First off, semen is not to be confused with seamen.  Although many seamen are men, and most men have semen, and most semen contains 1% sperm, not all seamen can swim.  On the other hand, living sperm within semen can swim and generally do so at a nautical speed of 7 inches per hour.  Switching to air travel for semen, no seamen can fly but most semen can.  In fact, semen blast off during the initial ejaculatory launch at a speed of nearly 30 MPH and can fly up to 3 feet in the air.  This is exactly why the US Naval Command encourages their young seamen to where safety goggles during masturbation.  Semen presents dangers to even the most experienced seamen. For more valuable information on semen, go to: http://www.accessrx.com/blog/sexuality-dr-neil-cannon/all-about-semen/

Tiger and Sex Addiction…

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It was only a matter of time before Tiger ended up in rehab for “sex addiction.”  I’ve been predicting this scenario publicly since November.  It appears that Tiger is now at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Mississippi, not South Africa as originally reported.  The lesson I hope women will take away from my posting today is that men don’t cheat because of your appearance, which is a common belief that women latch on to .  Take a look at this picture of Elin Woods.  Trust me, Tiger’s admitted “transgressions” didn’t have anything to do with her looks!  Infidelity is about unfulfilled needs, low self esteem, compulsivity, irresponsibility and a low emotional IQ.  Cheating can be about getting even and a lot of other things including narcissism which raises a lot of questions about Tiger.  If you would like to read more about the impact of “sex addiction” and infidelity, you might enjoy an article I was interviewed for by the leading women’s magazine, “She Knows”.  http://www.sheknows.com/articles/812944

Not so sexy…

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This has nothing to do with sex or relationships however it might impact your life.  I had the craziest experience this morning.  My parents are in their 80’s and my son is in his late 20’s.  Grandpa received a phone call this morning saying that my son had traveled to New York for a wedding and was in an auto accident.  The caller who was claiming to be my son said he needed thousands of dollars wired to Western Union right away.  Fortunately my son is okay and wasn’t in an accident.  The entire thing was a scam targeting the elderly.  (BTW: My mother is going to hate me for calling her elderly!).  Anyhow, this is the stuff we hear about on TV but think it will never happen to us.  As the sergeant used to say on Hill Street Blues as he was sending his squad off to protect and serve, “Let’s be careful out there.”

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The Year of the Tiger…

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2010 is The Year of the Tiger.  Not only that, but Chinese New Years falls on February 14th this year.  Hmmm.  I bet Valentine’s Day is a little different in the Woods household this year. But here’s the deal: Regardless of how bad it looks, it may not be over for Tiger and Elin. People who are compulsive about sex can be just as compulsive about healing if given the chance.  If Tiger and Elin want to make this work and hold their family together, they can.  Believe it or not, I have seen couples with much bigger problems heal and learn to love each other like never before.  It may look hopeless, but don’t count Tiger out from coming back yet. Just ask Roco Mediate!

Is this Your Year to Forgive & Forget?

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I have the honor of working with many people who have been abused physically, emotionally and or sexually.  Our culture teaches us to “forgive and forget” and in fact those who don’t are often shamed for not taking the high road.  Society says to forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones, and turn the other cheek.  For people who have been abused or traumatized, forgiving isn’t necessarily the answer.  The truth is you can choose to accept what has happened but you don’t have to forgive whoever has harmed you unless you so choose to.  Forgiving is a very personal choice not to be influenced by what you think you “should” do.  There is no shame in accepting what has happened without forgiving the perpetrator.  The power comes when you can make your reaction to what happened be a choice.  That’s the difference between being a victim and being a survivor.