I’m in Canada speaking tonight. Many people ask what it means when I say that my life mission is to help make the world a more sex positive place and here’s but one example. Cross culturally the differences between Canada and my beloved America are vast. The former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau said, “The government doesn’t belong in our bedrooms.” In contrast, the US the government seems to think that our bedroom is their bedroom, e.g., it remains illegal to sell sex toys in certain US states.  Sad but true! On the other hand In Canada sex toys are legal and, comprehensive sexuality education is the norm. Did you know that in the US, states only receive federal funding for abstinence only education? Kids don’t have less sex in the US, they just have more un-safe sex. That’s why the US has the highest rate of un-wanted teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in the western world. I say let’s learn from our northern neighbors and start catching up with the rest of the western world. Hale Canada! www.doctorcannon.ceom

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